Sliding/Hinged Patio Door

We offer a variety of styles to open your home up to your patio.

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Increase the natural lighting in your home through a custom patio door design. Improving your patio entry way can open up your entire home, allowing for a smooth transition from inside to outside. We offer varying styles from Sliding French to Narrow to Hinged Patio Doors. 

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Over the last twelve years, our work has been in helping homeowners realize their home window and door replacement projects. Whether you are trying to elevate your home’s look or improve thermal performance, you can count on McCann Window and Door.

Sliding French Patio Doors

Sliding French doors have one or more door panels that open by sliding on a track with rollers.   They are called Sliding French because the wood components are wider than a traditional narrow sliding patio door.

Unlike swinging doors, which require space to be set aside for the door panel to open, all sliding patio doors allow for items like furniture and other household items to be placed near the operable panel. The large panels of glass allow for unobstructed views of nature and allow for maximum air flow when open.  The door typically has rolling or retractable screen to allow air to enter the room.

Narrow Patio Doors

Like the French Sliding Patio Door, the Narrow Sliding Patio Doors operate on a sliding track with roller. The narrower components are designed to allow for maximum light to enter the room.  The door typically comes with a rolling or retractable screen to allow air to enter the room.

Hinged Patio Doors

Often referred to as a swing door, hinged patio doors come in either one or multiple panels that can swing into the room or toward the exterior.  Depending on the operation, you can add a sliding, hinged or retractable screen to allow air to flow into the house.

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